ESTA dues are billed quarterly and there is a sliding scale dues structure, based on company size.

Number of Employees Cost of Dues
0-10 $300 per quarter
11-24 $400 per quarter
25 & over $500 per quarter

Your Dues Can be Reduced . . . or Free!

Through our partnership with Anixter, your dues can be reduced or even free, depending on how much you purchase. Members earn a 1% dues rebate for every dollar they spend on Anixter product, up to the amount of their dues. For example, if a company paying $400 in dues makes an Anixter purchase of $200,000 that quarter, they would receive a $200 rebate, essentially cutting their dues in half.

Anixter is the leading global distributor of electronic security solutions and ESTA Purchasing Partner.



We invite you to join ESTA if you . . .

  • Own a small-to-medium size company in the security & technology industry with average annual revenue of $1M-$10M.
  • Serve a geographic area not overlapping the territory of another ESTA member.
  • Are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement and openly share/exchange information with other members.
  • Practice and promote the highest ethical standards in the industry.