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Alarm Dealers - Join ESTA to Grow Your Business!

Success in today's competitive market requires constant growth, sharing of strategies and marketing tools, networking and financial benchmarking. ESTA can help you do all these things in a non-competitive, supportive environment with a professional group of your peers...x

When you join ESTA you team up with a dynamic group of security business owners who are . . .

  • Successful in the industry
  • Willing to share & exchange information
  • Able to provide real-world experience
  • Committed to building strong relationships

Benefits of ESTA Membership

  • Exciting annual meetings with expert speakers
  • Sharing of financials
  • Exchanging ideas on how to save money, increase revenue & RMR, improve marketing ROI, meet regulations and stay on top of technology
  • Access to professional legal advice
  • Discount purchasing program
  • Seminars for department managers
  • An ongoing supportive network of peers
  • Great relationships

Who Can Join?

ESTA members are owners of successful independent companies who promote the highest standards in the electronic security industry. Average annual revenue of member companies is between $1 - $10 M. Companies must be located in a non-competitive geographic area, not overlapping the territory of an existing member. ESTA members must be willing to share and exchange information. To protect confidentiality of information, all members are required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. For more info contact Karen S. Mackey, Executive Director (412) 477-3576



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