Benefits of ESTA Membership

ESTA was created over 30 years ago to help a select group of small-to-mid-size security alarm dealers compete with the larger national companies. By sharing their industry knowledge, business strategies and financial resources, our members are better equipped to achieve success in the marketplace. ESTA is made up of independent, privately owned security companies who all possess the same core values, entrepreneurial spirit, technological expertise and strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
Benefits of Belonging to ESTA

Benefit ~ MEETINGS:

Your ESTA membership entitles you, as company owner, to attend two meetings per year, including registration fees, meeting materials, refreshments, reception and annual banquet at NO CHARGE**. Other company members and guests may attend and will be billed back at a nominal charge.

The meetings include:

1. The Annual Financial and Business Conference is held in the spring at a resort hotel. This targeted event, focused on the needs of security company owners, delivers high-quality education and invaluable networking opportunities.

The Financial Analysis Meeting is held on the first day of the conference and is run by reknown security industry analysts, Michael Barnes Associates. Participating ESTA members can submit their financial data, have it analyzed and compared to other security companies, both within ESTA and the security industry at large. Company owners gain an invaluable opportunity to measure the financial health of their company, benchmark it against other similar-sized companies, and receive direct access to the advice and guidance of Barnes Associates. This is a benefit to ESTA members at no cost and is subsidized by dues and sponsorships.

The Business Conference provides three days packed full of information and ideas for security company owners to improve and grow their business. In addition to presentations from outside speakers, ESTA members exchange ideas and best practices so they can learn from each other’s successes and failures, no holds barred. Sharing topics include customer service, marketing and social media, sales, business development, products, new technologies, RMR opportunities, revenue-building, market trends and all aspects of business efficiency, growth and profitability.

Part of the conference includes a legal Q and A staffed by ESTA’s consulting attorney, Bryan Lawrence. As part of this session, Bryan provides members with valuable legal advice on contracts, liability and protecting yourself in the marketplace as well as timely topics such as e-contracts and the paperless office.

2. The Operations/Sales Meeting is a 3-day meeting held in the fall for ESTA members’ operations and sales managers. It includes outside speakers, product information, service and installation topics, organization and efficiency, project management and sales topics.


Your ESTA dues can be free! Through a partnership with Anixter Distributing, ESTA members can receive a 1% dues rebate for each dollar spent in materials, not to exceed the amount spent on dues. In other words, if your dues are $400 per quarter, a purchase from Anixter of $40,000 per quarter would result in FREE DUES. In addition, ESTA members are eligible for special pricing through Anixter.

Benefit ~ Access to ESTA LIST SERV:

The ListServ is a secure electronic email chain through which ESTA members can communicate, ask questions and share valuable information. By sending one email to the ListServ it is distributed to the whole group, thus saving time. Here are some examples of how the ListServ benefits members:

      • Want to know how your service rates compare? Ask other members what they charge.
      • Planning an acquisition? Ask other members to share some of their documents.
      • Need to have work done in another state? Ask an ESTA member in that area for help.
      • Having trouble with a piece of equipment? Ask other ESTA members if they had the same problem and how they fixed it.
      • Not sure how to do website marketing? Ask other members what works for them.

There are hundreds of ways that the ListServ can help you save time and money by tapping into the experience, advice and expertise of others.


Success in any marketplace is based on relationships and the security industry is no exception. The relationships, friendships and personal networks built among ESTA members not only make the meetings more enjoyable but provide a scaffold upon which you can build your personal success. Some ESTA members have friendships going back 40 years; others were just forged at the last meeting. Because it is a small group, there is a level of camaraderie here that you can’t find anywhere else . . . and we are proud of it!

** Note: To qualify for A FREE MEETING, members must have paid dues for a minimum of two consecutive quarters prior to the meeting.

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